PvP – Defence – Captain commanders

The captain is the top player in the structure, r4 and r5 can swap captains in structures.


Always use highest level commander as main!

Max level + max skilled + max tech should always be captain!



Wu Zetian + Yi Seong-Gue

This combo will be the new best, once someone gets Wu Zetian…


Richard I + Charles Martel

Only infantry / Mixed troops – Best protective skills, but slow killers.


Charles Martel + Yi Seong-Gue

Mixed troops – AoE, kills swarms, kills reinforcements unlucky to get hit before they enter rally. Charles shield buffs the damage of YSG AoE attack.


Charles Martel  + Sun Tzu

Only infantry / Mixed troops – Cheaper infantry combo, decent AoE. Charles shield buffs the damage of Sun Tzu  AoE attack.


Hermann + Yi Seong-Gue

Only archer – Anti Richard combo, delays heal and kills infantry.


Eulji Mundeok + Kusunoki Masahige

F2P Balanced and strong defense, removed debuffs


Sun Tzu + Kusunoki Masahige

F2P AoE defence, removes debuffs.