PVP – Joining rallies

Always note if it is a “pure” rally,

like “ONLY CAVALRY” – then send all cavalry you got!


Use your highest level commander as main + any commander with extra army size as secondary. The goal is to supply as many troops as possible to the rally.

Best is if you have a level 60 commander with leadership talent “Fresh recruits” and bonus army size skill.

Talent – Leadership “Fresh Recruit” gives 3% extra troop capacity!


Skills – Troop capacity:


Scipio Africanus (10%)

Osman (10%)



Frederick (15%)

Julius Caesar (15%)

Mehmed II (10%)

Hannibal Barca (10%)



Sárka (10%) (This should be a last resort)


Examples with CH 25 (assuming max skills + 25% basic army expansion):

270k troops – Lohar level 60 + Scipio / Osman

296k troops – Scipio (Leadership) level 60 + Osman level 30

316k troops – Julius Cesar (Leadership) level 60 + Frederick level 30



March speed is the only other thing that can help, faster to the start of a rally, faster back home after the rally



The rally leader can kick people out of the rally while fighting, this way you can refresh your troops and re-join the rally!