PvP – Open field combat – Archer

Kill the high damage enemy armies first!


High damage, AoE, disable skills, anti infantry.



Yi Seong-Gue, El Cid, Edward of Woodstock, Tomyris


Hermann, Kusunoki Masahige

Other secondary:

Osman I (High single target skill damage)


Best combos

  • Edward of Woodstock + Tomyris (Glass cannon, best damage and no defence)
  • El Cid + Hermann (Skill + attack disabler) Does this work against rallies?
  • Yi Seong-Guye + El Cid
  • Kusunoki Masahige + Yi Seong-Gue (AoE)
  • Hermann + Osman I (Single target damage)


Talent trees (Open field – Archer)

For talent builds – https://rok.guide/talent-guide/

  • Yi Seong-Gue, El Cid, Hermann, Kusunoki Masahige (Archer / Skill)

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