PvP – Open field combat – Infantry

Kill the high damage enemy armies first!


Tanks, High survivability – Low to medium damage, anti cavalry.



Charles Martel, Richard I, Constantine, Alexander the great


Sun Tzu, Eulji Mundeok

Other secondary:

Scipio Africanus (good defensive)

Osman I (High single target skill damage)

Boudica (Rage regeneration + Heal)


Best combos

  • Alexander the great + Charles Martel (up to 50 % infantry move speed, extreme combo)
  • Richard I + Charles Martel (Extremely tanky, highest counterattack)
  • Sun Tzu + Richard (Tanky, decent AoE)
  • Sun Tzu + Eulji Mundeok (Tanky combo, decent AoE)
  • Sun Tzu + Scipio Africanus (Tanky combo, decent AoE)
  • Eulji Mundeok + Osman I (High single target skill damage, reduces defence then hits with high damage skill)


Talent trees (Open field – Infantry)

For talent builds – https://rok.guide/talent-guide/

  • Richard I, Charles Martel (Infantry / Defence)
  • Sun Tzu (Infantry / Skill)
  • Eulji Mundeok (Infantry / Attack)